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Apple iPad 5 front panel all but confirms TouchID home button

Leaked photos and videos of the upcoming iPad 5′s front and rear panels have revealed thinner bezels and the new space grey color to come with the latest 9.7″ slate by Apple. However, the latest pic of the front panel of the iPad 5 some to confirm another new feature – a TouchID enabled Home button.

As a research from our colleague at UnboxTherapy finds out, the hole cutting on the iPad 5 leaked front panel doesn’t match the Home button of the iPhone 5, which is identical to the one on the iPad 4. Interestingly, when the iPhone 5s Home button with TouchID was fitted underneath, it was a perfect match.

As you’ll see in the video below, the compatibility is too perfect to be a coincidence. Here’s the video itself.

Apple is expected to announce the iPad 5 as well as the second generation iPad Mini in the coming weeks. It won’t be at all surprising if Apple has plans to throw in its TouchID fingerprint scanner in the iPad Mini 2, as well.

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