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RIM to unveil PlayBook OS 2.0 at the MWC later this month?

While this release was supposedly scheduled for tomorrow, it seems like RIM will be waiting an extra 10 or so days to release the much-anticipated update at the Mobile World Congress.

The new PlayBook OS will add many new features to RIM’s proprietary OS, such as a calendar, contacts, email, as well as an Android emulator. In fact, RIM was so intent on boosting the available app market in time for the update, that it offered free PlayBooks for Android developers who converted their applications to run on PlayBook.

BlackBerry senior brand manager Jeff Gadway stated that the update weighs in at around 400MB, and should automatically be pushed OTA to all PlayBooks.

With the insane price cuts from last year still going on and the Android emulation alongside its 2.0 update, it looks like RIM is trying extra-hard to push sales of its tablet for 2012.

We’ll be on-site at the MWC, so check back with us for more on this story as it develops!

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