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RIM treats buyers with an end of year sale, slashes PlayBook price down to $199

These days it seems there are only two ways to sell a tablet. Either you have to be Apple and your tablet is called the iPad or you bring the price down so low that people just cannot resist buying them. The first strategy has worked out well for Apple and second is working well for Amazon and in the past for a short time for HP too.

RIM hasn’t had much success with their PlayBook so for the past few months they have constantly been offering great discounts to entice buyers. Today we have another one of those sales that will end along with the year 2011.

The new prices are as follows, the 16GB model is priced at just $199 (down from $499), the 32GB is priced at $249 (down from $599) and the 64GB model is priced at $399 (down from $699). Regardless of whether one is a BlackBerry fan or not, one must agree that those are some great prices. For someone who wants a tablet simply for web browsing and video playback, the PlayBook will be more than enough. You even have Angry Birds for it now. And with the support for Android apps coming soon, the PlayBook has the potential to become even better.



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