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Motorola building classrooms of the 21 century, shows uncanny Apple-styled video too

Motorola has outed an article and video on building classrooms of the 21 century, where focus falls on using the Xoom tablet as an interactive tool for teaching and learning.

Now that, normally, would be all fine and good but the problem lies with the fact that Motorola, sly as they are, have released the video and article on the same day that Apple had their textbook-centric event in New York (touche!)

Normally a little backstabbing competition is nothing out of the ordinary, you know like Samsung’s iFan-mocking Galaxy S II ads (here they are). But those show creativity, while Motorola’s approach oozes with copycat-ism, and bad one at that.

But I’m not going to batter Moto for trying – surely they’ve stolen some of Apple’s thunder yesterday. The fact is, Apple talked “reinventing textbooks” and showed 3 new/updated apps. Motorola’s video doesn’t really show anything new, product-wise. It looks like just another brand-awareness oriented article.

But I guess saying “I thought of it first” is an important thing in the highly competitive tech market of today and Motorola didn’t want to miss their shot.

Here’s Motorola’s video of how the Xoom is a valiant ally to teachers and students alike.

And, for comparison’s sake, here’s Apple’s video too.

You be the judge, reader, what do you think? Is Motorola shameless or genius? What’s your take on the story?



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