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Samsung strikes again at the heart of Apple fans mocking the lacking 4G LTE capability of the iPhone [VIDEO]

After the releasing its controversial video on the web mocking Apple’s iPhone 4S and its fans waiting for its launch alike, Samsung has now stick its finger deeper in the wound and has decided to continue pouring salt in it by launching yet another clip.

This time the Korean manufacturer targets more at the missing 4G LTE feature of the iPhone 4S rather than its size or brand-obsessed fans. This doesn’t mean Apple fans are going to like it though.

The video shows the same people we are already familiar with from the last video standing in line with 15 hours left until the store opens. Suddenly they spot a woman checking her phone and they feverishly ask her if she knows whether the new iPhone will have 4G or not. After a short exchange of words though one of the fans checks her iPhone and reports the news that the iPhone they are standing in line for won’t feature 4G LTE.

Check the second video of the Apple-mocking series from Samsung:

I wonder if Samsung are going to release a third video to round up the series nicely. Interestingly, the action in the first one was taking place 9 hours until store opens, while this clip shows us the queue of people 15 hours until the opening. What do you reckon will happen next? Is Apple going to take some action in “I am a PC and I am a Mac” style?

Update: Well, as it turns out, there is a third one out there. In this one an iPhone and Galaxy S II owner are comparing availability of apps in both applications markets. Unsurprisingly, as it’s a Samsung commercial, the Android user has the winning hard stating that he gets to try the app before actually buying it. Here it goes.

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