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Kickstarter saw 3 million pledging users from all continents in 2013

2013 was a good year for Kickstarter and that means it was good for thousands of entrepreneurs and people with good ideas needing financing.

To run the numbers, throughout 2013 Kickstarter gathered $480 million in pledges from 3 million users translating into almost 19 thousand successful projects.

Digging a little deeper Kickstarter projects worked out to $1,315,520 a day or $913 a minute. 807,733 people backed more than one project while 81,090 people backed 10 or more projects with 975 people backing more 100 projects. Finally there were 19,911 successful projects.

The 3 million backers were from 214 countries and territories on all seven continents (Antarctica included).

In 2013 Kickstarter gave us the Pebble smartwatch , the Android-powered Ouya gaming console. Meanwhile, the iconic Delorean from Back to the Future was transformed into a hovercraft that cruised the San Francisco Bay, a human-powered helicopter took flight, satellites were launched into space and many other interesting ideas.

Head on over to the source link for a more complete list of cool projects.



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