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PowerUp brings smartphone-powered amateur aviation to the masses

A nifty new Kickstarter campaign looks to take the paper airplane a step further with the help of a new smartphone-controlled module called PowerUp.

The PowerUp 3.0 Smart Module is an ultra-lightweight attachment that works with any regular paper airplane and allows tilt, throttle and steering remote control through a paired smartphone and app.

PowerUp is made of “ultra-durable” materials including a carbon-fiber body and impact resistant front bumper. The rechargable Li-Po battery is rated for 10 minutes of flight time when fully charged, and has a range of some 180 feet through Bluetooth.

The smartphone app is set to provide you with a compass, battery level and range indicator, as well as an ascend/descend lever for changing your altitude. You can turn your paper airplane on steroids by simply rotating your device.

Unfortunately, the app is only set to be available for iOS, but the Stretch Goal for the campaign is making an Android App as well if the pledge level can reach $150,000. Currently, PowerUp has reached $15,500 of their $50,000 goal after just one day on Kickstarter, so it’s likely they’ll make it happen and then some. Fingers crossed for the Android version!

If you feel like backing up the peculiar device and helping it become a reality follow the source link below.



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