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Alleged iPad 5 case caught in Hong Kong Electronics Fair, suggests thinner and narrower device

We’ve heard this one before. Over in Hong Kong at a booth in the local Electronics Fair resides a case that was supposedly made for an early next-generation iPad mold.

If the case is legit we can gather that the fifth generation iPad will sports a thinner and narrower body, meaning if it retains its 9.7″ Retina then we can expect slimmer bezels on each side of it, in order for it to fit the smaller footprint.

Please take the case under advisement as it can easily turn out as a hoax or simply a publicity stunt. Last week we saw a supposed front frame of the next iPad, which didn’t really have very small bezels. But back in January we saw what looked like the next-gen iPad back casing, which follows the iPad mini design.

We’ve also seen other case designs in February so picking through these leaks to see which is the true one is tricky.



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