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XBMC gets modified to run on Android TV, works like a charm

The popular home media center application XBMC (soon to be known as Kodi) is running on Android TV like a champ. Keyan Mobli, who’s part of the XBMC dev community reports that it wasn’t too much work to get it going on Google’s TV version of Android, which is due to launch in the coming months.

What you see above is a photo of XBMC showing on the Leenback Launcher of Android TV that’s running on ADT-1 (dev box for developers given at Google I/O 2014). Mobli shares that 1080p video playback is a breeze and everything is running flawlessly.

Kodi running on Android TV is a huge deal as you can do a lot of stuff on it other than organizing your locally stored movies, TV shows and music. If you’re interested in running Kodi on Android TV, then following the source link below is a good place to start.

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