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Sony Xperia TV ad airs, makes you sigh “Aaaw”

As promised a couple of days ago, the Sony Xperia TV spot directed by Wes Anderson has hit YouTube. And let’s cut straight to the chase: it’s inspiring.

The advertisement presents the inner workings of the Xperia S through the eyes of children when asked how they think the device works. And the results are robots. Many of them.

Let’s not spoil it any further, check it out for yourself.

To achieve this one-minute long stop-motion animation video, the crew has spent more than 10,000 man hours and built a set of 37 handcrafted robot figures. It’s crazy.

Do you like Sony’s idea and the way they approach the mobile market with this ad? I’d like to read your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for the tip, Motaz!


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