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Sony recruit the talents of Wes Anderson for their new NXT Series ad campaign

Wes Anderson of Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums fame, more recently dipped his toe into the world of animation with the release of Fantastic Mr. Fox in 2009.

Sony's little imagination robot

As a result of his directorial prowess and his experience with stop-motion animation, Sony Mobile have enlisted his talents to help produce the newest ad campaign for their 2012 NXT device lineup.

The ad itself won’t premiere until March 24th, but Sony Mobile have already released a teaser explaining the lengths the creators went to, to give the new video life.

The story of the little robot you see above apparently took approximately 10,000 man hours to achieve using a set of 37 handcrafted robot figures spanning 9 different custom built sets.

This is a global campaign dubbed ‘Made of Imagination’, designed to show consumers that there’s more to their smartphones than chips and circuit boards, but whether or not the idea catches on will be reflected in Sony’s Q1 and Q2 financial reports.

Here’s the teaser video:

Sony Mobile’s 2012 lineup currently consists of the Xperia S and the LTE-enabled ion at the top of the pile, followed by the Xperia P and U and the more recently announced sola, with its unusual floating touchscreen tech.

However you may feel about Sony’s new smartphones, if like me you’re a fan of both Wes Anderson and animation in general, we should be in for a visual treat for sure. Check back on the 24th to see the finished animation.

Update: Here’s the finished ad check it out here.



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