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Samsung distances itself from astroturfing scandal, blames the PR agency

Following this morning’s reportsby a developer who said that a PR firm was trying to pay him to promote a Samsung app contest on Stack Overflow, Samsung has issued a statement, meant to clarify the situation.

In a statement issued to The Verge Samsung says that the incident is “clearly against Samsung Electronics corporate policy”. Samsung denied being aware of the situation initially and said that it cancelled the plans as soon as it found out, and as soon as it found out that a PR firm was offering cash for content, it cancelled the plans The PR agency Fllu’s COO James Yoo, has admitted that prior reports about his firm not working with Samsung has been misleading.

Samsung is having a pretty long negative publicity streak as this is the third time it had to issue similar statements lately. Prior to it some students were paid to slander HTC’s One online and the Exynos-packing Galaxy S4 was caught cheating on GPU benchmarks.



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