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Poll results: The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is the hottest flagship of MWC 2015

Amidst the Mobile World Congress frenzy, we asked you what’s the hottest flagship of the event. The choice was between the HTC One M9, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. And the winner is the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge!

Samsung’s dual-curved smartphone won by a long shot, leaving the HTC One M9 second and the Galaxy S6 third. Despite the HTC One M9 being a lot similar to its predecessor, many of you enjoy it much more than the Galaxy S6 with its all new metal and glass design.

We’ll see how the One M9 will fare against the Galaxy S6 once we get a hold of retail units, but until then you’ll have to make do with our hands-on articles: One M9 hands-on and Samsung Galaxy S6 / Galaxy S6 hands-on.


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