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Pegman returns to Google Maps with new update

You may have noticed that after the latest major Google Maps update for desktop browsers, an important figure suddenly went missing: Pegman. This move made many users frustrated by their inability to quickly access Street View and nearby images by dragging the icon onto the map, and more than a few people opted to continue using Google Maps’ classic view.

Now, the latest update brings back Pegman, and makes viewing images, panoramas, and even indoor areas even easier by having all of them appear on the map whenever you grab hold of Pegman.

The update also includes integration for Google Earth and improvements to the search feature so that it gets better at recommendations based upon your search patterns. Real-time traffic data from Waze is also available (it has been used in the Android app for a while). Other optimizations have been included too – check out this video for a quick look at what’s new:

The latest update also marks the culmination of the official Google Maps Google+ account posting that asked users to submit their favorite Pegman drawings. It was very nifty to see what sort of ideas people came up with, and Google even released a short clip of their favorite highlights.

Is Pegman’s return enough to convince all you holdouts to switch from Google Maps classic view?



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