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Nokia N8 battery test results are out: good but not the best

Hot on the heels of our full Nokia N8 review here come the results of the Finnish flagship’s battery test. With the N8 battery being non-user-removable (or at least not without a Torx screwdriver) the battery life will probably be more important to potential customers than usual.

The Nokia N8 managed to survive for 42 hours (or just under two days), enduring the following in the process:

  • 30 minutes of general usage
  • 90 minutes of video playback
  • 2 hours of audio playback
  • 40 minutes of voice calls
  • 40 minutes of web browsing
  • 10 minutes of gaming
  • 10 minutes of shooting photos and videos
  • 10 minutes of navigation

We also did a dedicated video playback test, by looping a standard definition XviD video with the screen brightness set to 50%. The Nokia N8 went on for 6 hours and 20 minutes before the N8 battery died on us.

Now this isn’t too bad and will probably be more than enough for most users. The only issue is that most of its competitors did better when exposed to similar torture and it might turn out that the battery life will count against the N8 when making direct comparisons.

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