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Hyetis Crossbow smartwatch misses on ZEISS optics

Remember the Hyetis Crossbow, the Swiss-made smartwatch with a 41MP camera, which was going to have ZEISS optics and optical zoom and more sensors than one of NASA’s space probes? An attorney from Carl Zeiss AG has contacted us saying that Zeiss has no connection with Hyetis whatsoever and the Crossbow definitely will not have ZEISS optics.

The watch smelled of pure, undiluted vaporware before, but things look even sketchier now.

Hyetis never gave a solid answer to the camera question – how does the company plan to fit a 41MP sensor in there – saying the camera details are not finalized. All mentions of ZEISS have been removed from the Hyetis web site (and so have mentions of 41MP), but the Wayback Machine remembers.

Hyetis also promised a ton of functionality for the Crossbow watch including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS connectivity, plus an array of sensors (Temperetaure, Altitude, Depth and Biometric) that makes the most advanced smartphones look outdated.

The latest post on the Hyetis site is from October 9, showing off a 3D rendering of the Crossbow (but still no shots of video of a real device):

The Crossbow is still available for pre-order at $1,200, this is still the limited 500 unit production run from August. Still, I’d advise against committing any cash until someone gets their hands on an actual device and confirms all the features – in light of the ambiguous camera situation, it’s hard to tell what you’ll get in the end.


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