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Nexus 7 sports a magnetic sensor, ready for some smart cover action

There’s more to the Google Nexus 7 than meets the eye. Quirky unboxings aside, it turns out the Nexus 7 is also sporting a magnetic sensor.

That’s right, the Nexus 7 supports smart covers. A lucky early owner of the tablet decided to go for a hunt of the magnetic sensor, in spite of the risk of ruining his tablet.

Luckily, he found what he was searching for. Check it out in his video below.

In fact, ASUS sells smart covers for the Nexus 7 (pictured above), which makes us wonder why hasn’t Google mentioned this in the tablet’s specifications?

You are probably saying to yourself, “Great, another lawsuit incoming…” As Android Police mentions, Apple indeed has a patent for its Smart Cover, but it’s pretty limited and is focused more on the iPad mechanism and its ability to attach the Smart Cover to it.

First Nexus 7 shipments will start in less than a week so we’ll see what happens once the product is in our hands.

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