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Nexus 7 gets an unboxing video, starring UFC champion Georges St-Pierre and the ninjas

Google has a tradition of doing unboxing videos of each of their Nexus devices. The videos aren’t made by Google themselves, merely sponsored, with Patrick Boivin being the real mastermind behind them.

In each of these videos the theme has been a bunch of toy ninjas unboxing the phone, shot in stop motion animation. But for this video, Boivin managed to rope in GSP, the mixed martial artist and the current Welterweight Champion of the UFC, Georges St-Pierre, who takes part as Dr. Paul.

Dr. Paul has just received his Nexus 7 tablet and is in the process of unboxing it when the Ninjas, this time represented by real actors instead of toys (it seems they are life-size dolls shot in stop motion), bust in and attack him. That’s when Dr. Paul manages to knock the living daylights out of them, all the while keeping the Nexus 7 safe in the back of his pants.

Now I liked the previous videos of Boivin, especially the ones for Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus, but this one comes across as overly cheesy and just painful to sit through. Then again, that’s just my opinion. You can watch the unboxing video below for yourself. His older unboxing videos can be found here.



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