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Google Nexus 7 shipments in the US to begin in three to five days

Google’s first tablet – the Nexus 7 – is just about to become available in the USA. The slate is available on the Office Depot website and the seller promises to bring it to your doorstep in 3-5 business days.

There’s a chance that this might be an error or a simple publicity stunt by the retailer, as other stores still list the Nexus 7 as unavailable and Google’s own page says shipping soon. Still five days from now would be July 16, which aligns nicely with the mid-July release promised at the Galaxy Nexus 7 announcement event.

The 16GB Nexus 7 version costs $250 and as you probably know, it comes with $25 of credit to spend at the Play Store. Unfortunately, it’s up to two slates per customer.

Thanks, Abhishek, for sending this in!



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