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Mozilla updates Firefox Beta for Android, bugs get squashed and stability is improved

No, this is not the big announcement Mozilla will be making at tomorrow’s Google I/O, although judging by the new features, it easily might have been.

Instead, Mozilla has ditched the Beta and launched v.14.0 of its native Firefox browser for Android. Just as usual, some bugs are squashed and stability is improved, but most notably, the look of the browser UI has changed.

Now, the mobile version of Firefox features the new Australis tabs as well as a new start-up page, showing you a bunch of cool stuff like recommended add-ons and your top sites. It’s definitely a step in the right direction, if you ask me. Check it out on the screenshots below.

Support for Flash is also added, but you’ll need Android 2.2 and up to enjoy it. In addition, start up and page load times are generally faster and support for HTML5 and CSS3 has further been enhanced. Mozilla is also going as far as saying that it’s faster than the stock Android web browser and from the short tests I’ve conducted, this might not just be PR talk.

Follow the source link below to get the latest version of Firefox and share your thoughts.

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