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Microsoft goes bold with middle finger emoji in Windows 10

A month ago, Apple sparked a conversation about the emojis by including the racially diverse ones in the OS X 10.10. 3 and iOS 8.3 update. While those ripples were disrupting the pond, Microsoft has gone a step ahead by throwing in a bold emoji in the Windows 10.

One of the latest builds of the Windows 10 Technical Preview includes the bold middle finger emoji. Often referred as the finger or flipper, that emoji comes along with various skin tones as well. Technically being referred a “reverse hand with middle finger extended”, this emoji sounds nothing close to profane one at least in the Unicode Consortium’s listing.

Besides this, Windows 10 will also bring slightly different emoji toning dubbed as the Segoi UI emoji which makes the popular emojis slightly more close to the Windows 10′s look. For instance, the information desk person emoji will appear to be a sassier version of information desk person winking.

Microsoft plans to release the Windows 10 in coming few months but as AMD CEO hinted that it might arrive as early as July.



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