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LG-made Nexus 10 leaks in two images

A Reddit user claiming to be an employee at carrier Telefonica has leaked out two images of what is allegedly the LG-made Nexus 10 tablet.

The tablet looks pretty similar to the current-gen Nexus 10 that’s made by Samsung. The image suggests the model number of the upcoming Google table is LG-V510. Despite the poor image quality, you can see the a single speaker on top of the display – the Samsung Nexus 10 packed a dual-speaker configuration.

As the second image shows, the Nexus 10 by LG will be priced at £299 for the cellular version. The source claims, this will be the first Nexus tablet to be offered in black and white configurations. According to him, sales will commence on November 22 with both the Wi-Fi and cellular versions getting their launch at the same time.

Naturally, don’t take those leaks too seriously for now, as later in the summer we saw a report suggesting ASUS will be the manufacturer to make the 2013-edition Nexus 10. We’ll just have to wait for November 22 to see if those rumors pan out.

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