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HTC releases 1.29.401.7 OTA update for the One X

HTC released the first OTA update for the One X last week, but the Taiwanese are already ready with update number 2. The new firmware release is 1.29.401.7 and is supposed to improve several aspects of the handset’s UI and performance.

The update is 35MB in size and provides minor bug fixes as well as various system improvements and optimization. HTC hasn’t released an official changelog as of yet, but users over at the XDA forums report that power management has been improved resulting in better battery life.

The HTC apps like MovieEditor, Rosie, Watch, etc have been updated, and so have the Camera, EGL, Audio and numerous other libraries.

The update is currently available for the unlocked HTC One X units in Europe. If you happen to get it, don’t forget to drop us a line with your impressions in the comments section below.

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