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Google +1 button now available for use on websites, Facebook’s Like should tremble with fear

Google has decided to dip its toe in the water and now the +1 button is available for publishers, bloggers and basically everyone to put on their websites.

The button, as you may remember, was found only on Google’s search results page, but as it turns out the search giant is taking it one step further. Rather than waiting for you to search a page, figure it’s useful and then “+1″ it, Google lets publishers take the initiative and allow people to recommend their website right on it.

In order to use it, though, you will have to allow it from your Google account settings. You will only see your friends’ recommendations if you have opted for it, so don’t forget to put a check next to it.

Google has now put the “+1 button” on Android’s Market website as well, so give it enough time and we should see if the recommended apps are the most downloaded ones. We too have placed a “+1″ here in our blog so if you feel a post may be useful to others just hit the new button.



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