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Facebook Messenger reaches 500 million downloads on Android

Facebook carved out the chat functionality from its main app and transferred it exclusively to its Messenger app. Messenger is getting pummeled with 1-star reviews but that hasn’t stopped it from growing and it is now on over 500 million Android devices.

Only two other non-Google apps (so not Android defaults) have managed this – the main Facebook app and the Facebook-owned WhatsApp.

Anyway, Facebook is the most popular smartphone app in the US (counting iOS installs too), but Messenger alone was more popular than Twitter and Google+.

Facebook is looking for ways to monetize Messenger though the exact course is not known yet (having the former PayPal president on board is a big tell though).

The Apple App Store doesn’t provide download numbers but the app is catching a lot of 1-stars as well.

Thanks to shiven for sending this in!

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