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CoPilot bringing free offline navigation to Android and iOS, what?

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We hardly believe what we’re seeing. SatNav apps are among the most expensive mobile applications here in Europe. CoPilot Live app has not been any different so far. It comes with $19.99 price tag for United States maps, and about €40 for the full Europe maps.

But all that is about to change, as CoPilot plans to offer its offline navigation app for free on Android and iOS. Read more »

LG’s new tagline: “LTE, it’s always LG”

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LG announced no less than six new phones throughout the week and are showcasing them all tonight at their pre-MWC LG Mobile Media Preview. And just to make sure no one missed how big they are staking on the LTE wireless technology, they created a new tagline for themeselves: “LTE, its always LG”. LG reportedly holds more LTE patents than any other mobile manufacturer in the world, so it makes sense that that they would want to stand behind their 4G technology in the long run.

As we all know, more phones also means more booth ladies to carry them all, which is a plus in everyone’s book.

Check out our hands-on from the pre-MWC LG Mobile Media Preview here.

SMART UK: A look at some of the most promising projects coming to MWC from the UK this year

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UKTI (Trade & Investment) have aggregated the nation’s most promising new mobile products and services ahead of Mobile World Congress next month, so lets see which of these endeavors has potential to shape the future of the industry.

The UK's idea

On Monday we attended a unique pre-MWC event in London where 19 companies showcased their latest projects centered around mobile technology, aiming to influence all manner of fields including healthcare, education, the environment, business, marketing, security and design. Read more »