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Education-focused tablet by Nintendo in the works

According to several tweets published by Nintendo software engineer Nando Monterazo, the company is hard at work creating an Android tablet with a focus on education. Judging from his writings, the Android slate is going to be used by kids, who will get access to various educational games.

Those games, naturally, will have classic Nintendo characters in them. However, Monterazo points out that old-school Nintendo games won’t be coming to the upcoming tablet. NES, Super Nintendo, and Game Boy games will not be available for the unnamed Nintendo tablet, as “educational games only” will be the focus.

Monterazo’s tweets have since been removed.

With the Nintendo Wii U gaming console not reaching its sales goals and struggling to compete with Sony and Microsoft, a logical step for the company would be to turn its attention to Android and iOS. While the Android tablet hasn’t been confirmed by Nintendo, it’s likely the company is working on one.

Tablet sales are at an all time high are expected to continue their growth going into 2014.

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