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Concept images of a Xiaomi modular phone appear

Chinese phone manufacturer Xiaomi is developing a modular phone inspired by the Phoneblocks concept. This is suggested by a couple of photos shared by the company’s founder and CEO Lei Jun, who posted the modular phone concept on its Weibo account.

The images have since been removed from the website, but you can see a copy of them above. Apparently, the phone is carrying the codename Magic Cube and while it doesn’t offer the same level of customization, it will let users change key features of the phone.

The areas in question include the battery and the camera modules. The main board and the display are the base and don’t seem to be upgradeable.

In case you’ve missed the news, Phoneblocks is a concept of a modular phone that offers users the ability to swap components and upgrade their phone’s battery, camera, display and other parts such as the buttons, ports and keyboard. A month later, Motorola announced Ara – its own modular concept, which uses Phoneblocks’ idea to some extent.

We are yet to see Xiaomi make any announcements regarding its modular phone project, but maybe that’s the area where the company needed Hugo Barra’s help.

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