Switch view under DDoS attack, please bear with us

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You might have experienced some performance hiccups with over the past 48 hours. We have been under a massive DDoS attack in that time and while we are doing our best to keep the servers alive further problems accessing the site are still likely.

The attack involves over 20000 zombie computers so far, which in the first 24 hours alone sent more requests than we have received for the past 10 years combined. Read more »

The HTC HD mini review coming up next, brings WinMo back to our homepage

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It has been some time since we last reviewed a Windows Mobile-running smartphone, but here comes the HTC HD mini to right this wrong. We just received our review unit and as usual we are going to show you a couple of videos so you know what to expect.

The HTC HD mini might be a lot more compact than the HTC HD2 but in general terms it’s just slightly smaller than average. Read more »

Dotcom websites turn 25, rule the traffic charts

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On this day, exactly 25 years ago Symbolics computers of Cambridge, Massachusetts, registered the first web address, ending in dotcom. Five more companies dared to go in the dotcom area that same year and nothing suggested the avalanche that was to follow.

Twelve years later the millionth dotcom domain got registered and now there are 668 000 dotcom sites registered every month. In the meantime the world saw the rise of dotcom websites that defined the internet as we know it today. (15 September 1997), (18 January 1995), (29 March 1997) and Twitter (21 January 2000) are probably visited by most of you on a daily basis and one can hardly imagine what the internet would be like without them. Read more » introduces new zooming for camera samples

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The ones that have been paying attention have certainly noticed there’s a certain new feature in our reviews. For the rest of you, we decided to do a quick tutorial how it works so you can get 100% our of interacting with it.

Magic Touch zooming

Starting yesterday we have introduced new image zooming system for the camera samples that should hopefully make it easier to browse all the camera samples that we publish for each handset when reviewing it over at

Magic Touch zooming now provides more natural and intuitive control on the level of zoom of those images. Once you click on an image thumbnail just wait for the downsized preview to fully load (this is important for the whole thing to work out) and you’ll then get ALL the benefit of a much more advanced zooming and panning system. More details after the break.

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