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Buy an LG G3 and get a free VR headset, sort of

LG has been teasing the said promotion for quite some time now. It was supposed to launch in February, but, obviously, there have been some setbacks.

It appears the gift is now available, but only in the US and only in “particular stores” and, of course, while supplies last. The promotional webpage does not mention stores in particular and a footnote, leading nowhere states that the list is available online at, but we didn’t manage to find it, so if you have some info on that, be sure to leave it in the comment section.

The VR headset itself is nothing really spectacular. It is based on Google Cardboard, but is made of plastic and features cutouts for the G3′s rear-facing power and volume buttons, as well as its 1W speaker. It has no batteries and no processing power of its own, relying solely on the phone’s visuals and innards. The VR for G3 has a neodymium ring magnet on its side, which works with the magnetic gyroscope inside the smartphone to select apps and scroll through menus without ever touching the screen. And all you need to do to use the VR for G3 is put the handset in.

The device costs around $20, so it is not a huge promotion, but thrown in as a gift, it is still a nice little perk. To sweeten the deal even further, LG has included a QR code in the box, which unlocks free download of select VR gaming content. The headset itself can also be won through a promotion on the company’s Facebook page. So you can also check that out before April 13 at 1:00 p.m. EDT.

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