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LG G3 buyers will get a free VR headset based on Google’s Cardboard project

LG has teamed up with Google to offer future buyers of the G3 a free VR headset. This is based on Google’s Cardboard contraption unveiled last year at the search giant’s developer conference. However, LG has tweaked things a bit.

First off, this iteration seems to be made out of plastic, and not actual cardboard. Next up, it features cutouts for the G3′s rear-facing power and volume buttons, as well as its 1W speaker.

Otherwise, it looks pretty much like a plastic version of Google Cardboard. And like that, it has no batteries and no processing power of its own, relying solely on the phone’s visuals and innards. The VR for G3 has a neodymium ring magnet on its side, which works with the magnetic gyroscope inside the smartphone to select apps and scroll through menus without ever touching the screen. And all you need to do to use the VR for G3 is put the handset in.

Unfortunately LG has not yet detailed which markets will get the offer, but the company assures us that it will start happening this month, so hopefully more information is coming soon. We do know that LG will throw in a free VR game too, called Robobliteration.


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