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Best Buy offers Moto 360 for $150, $200 if you want a metal strap

In case you didn’t get a $130 Moto 360 smartwatch from Woot! because they were reconditioned, you can snag a new unit from Best Buy at $150.

As with the Woot! deal, this one is US only (sigh).

The Black, Stone Grey and Cognac Leather versions are the ones priced at $150. If you want a metal band, those go for $200 for Black and Natural Silver, the Champagne one is pricier at $230.

The Champagne Metal version is currently $200 at Amazon, the e-tailer has similar prices for the other versions too ($165 for most leather options).

Keep in mind that a metal band bought separately will run you $80, while the leather ones are $30. Another thing to consider that the next-gen model is most likely just around the corner.

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