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Xiaomi employees react to the company’s new flagship in latest teaser video

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Xiaomi is a mere 2 days away from a press conference where it is obviously going to launch a new flagship. The Chinese manufacturer has intensified its teasing campaign by uploading a video of its employees’ reactions when they were shown the upcoming device.

Now, we have to admit we were really expecting an intriguing announcement even before the teaser, but it must be some hugely groundbreaking stuff. Or they picked the most emotional chaps at the office. Or, you know, it’s a tiny bit staged. Read more »

LG Dual Edge phablet to team up with LG G Flex2 in the war on Samsung over curvatures

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While LG was busy announcing the curved LG G Flex2 at CES 2015, subsidiary LG Display held a more obscure event for select few in what they called a “private showroom”. What came out of that showroom was a photo of a 6-inch phablet with “Dual Edge” display, an even curvier version of the one we’ve seen on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

It is a competitive world out there, and with a version of Galaxy S6 with dual edge display pretty much confirmed, it was only natural for LG to cave in and offer a device with a display on each side. Read more »