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AT&T’s new LTE network challenges Verizon’s LTE network, offers better download and upload speeds

AT&T’s brand new LTE network just launched and someone is already putting it to the test. We already got it pitted against the the other LTE network in the US, Verizon’s and the results confirm early indications that the network will be very fast – faster than Verizon’s LTE network even.

Of course, Verizon’s network is older and has a lot more users (that is, it’s under much more load), and yet AT&T’s network lead in both downlink and uplink speeds is impressive.

AT&T’s LTE network currently covers only 5 cities in the US and the coverage isn’t identical throughout either – in Houston (where PC Mag ran the tests) AT&T is using paired 10MHz blocks while in Chicago they only have paired 5MHz blocks (cutting potential bandwidth in half).

Here’s the table with the results, covering both speed and latency.

For more details on the tests and info on the coverage, head over to the source link below to find PC Mag’s original article. Just one more interesting tidbit to pique your curiosity – AT&T’s 3G network averaged 2.44Mbps downlink. That’s quite a bit more than the 4x speed increase that AT&T promised.



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