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AT&T’s LTE network tested, how do 22Mbps downlink and 6Mbps uplink sound?

Okay, now this is 4G – tests were performed on AT&T’s brand new LTE network using the HTC Jetstream 4G, one of their first LTE-enabled gadgets, and the results are fast enough to make some home Internet plans nervous.

Keep in mind that AT&T’s other 4G (HSPA+ with “enhanced backhaul”) goes up to about 6Mbps real-life speeds.

Here are the results, complete with video proof: 22Mbps peak download with 18-19Mbps on average and 6Mbps peak about 5Mbps average. Not bad for a real world performance and LTE has plenty of room to upgrade (up to 100Mbps download was promised).

Here’s the video, which was sent to Boy Genius Report:

Head over to AT&T’s website if you’re wondering if your city already has LTE coverage and if not, when you can expect it.



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