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Apple’s Black Friday offer goes live in Europe

Apple’s Black Friday has already gone live in Australia, where the Cupertino company is offering Apple Store Gift Cards with the purchases. However, the offers seem to vary from region as the company is offering discounts in place of gift cards in couple of other countries.

Apple’s Black Friday deals are now appearing on the UK, France, Germany and other European Apple websites. The online stores have promotional discounts on the MacBooks, Apple TV, iPads, iPods and other accessories.

Apple, on its UK website is offering the MacBooks and the iMacs with a discount of £81, while the iPod touch saves you £25. The iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad 2 are also up for grabs with a discounted price tag.

The Black Friday promotional offers in the US and Canada are also live now, but they settle for the same gift card promotions as Australia.



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