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Apple offering Apple Store Gift Card with purchases this Black Friday in AU

Apple’s Black Friday deal has gone live in Australia and slowly making its way around the world wherever the Apple Online Store is available. Unlike previous years where the company offered discounts on the products themselves, this year it is offering Apple Store Gift Cards with purchases.

The denomination of the Apple Store Gift Card depends upon the product you purchase. If you buy an iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, you’ll get a A$150 gift card. An iPad Air will get you A$75 gift card and the iPad mini, iPad 2 and iPod touch will get you A$ 50 gift card. If you buy the iPod nano, you’ll get a A$ 25 gift card. There is no gift card available with the iPhone, at least in the Australian store.

The gift card deal is also available on some of the other products and accessories, such as the Apple TV, Parrot AR.Drone, Apogee JAM Guitar Input, with the denomination ranging from A$25 – 50 for the gift card.

Apple has never been known for its Black Friday deals and most of the time they are disappointingly low compared to what you might find from other online retailers. This year there is no discount at all but at least you’d be able to start off with some good apps or games after activating your device using the gift card.



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