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Apple Watch-themed front displays are coming to Apple retail stores

According to a report in 9to5Mac, come April 10, Apple will have Watch-themed front displays for its retail stores. The Cupertino giant’s upcoming smartwatch will be available to try in-store and pre-order on the aforementioned date.

Apple’s store front displays will consist of clusters of circles, which resemble the user interface of the wearable device. The circles will feature “Mac mini-powered LED lights,” which will change colors and patterns.

The eye-grabbing store fronts will sport a “Coming Soon” moniker. The latter will be removed when the Apple Watch becomes available on April 24.

Furthermore, 9to5Mac reports that the gold Apple Watch Edition will be even more difficult to come by than initially expected. A small number of US Apple stores in “major state markets” will offer the $10,000 gadget. Internationally, only flagship retail stores will keep the device in stock.

As we know already, Apple retail stores will have display tables and try-on areas for the upcoming Watch. Cupertino already posted how-to videos of the device for prospective buyers.



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