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Number of apps in the Android Market doubled in three months, rises to 30 000

In the last three months the number of apps in the Android Market has risen to 30 000. Back in December 2009 there were only some 16 000 apps there but the popularity of the OS is beginning to show now.

In other words, about 5000 apps have been launched each month since December. And that means that the Android Market finally managed to reach App Store’s growth rate.

At the end of January Apple announced that the App Store accommodates a total of 140 000 applications. Now there are around 150 000 applications. That makes 5000 a month, again.

The revival of the Android Market shouldn’t surprise you. After all, so many Android-based devices have been unveiled lately and each of them is just another reason for the application developers to keep on working.

By the way, I even expect the apps in the Android Market to keep growing even faster: there are plenty of interesting applications for iPhone that haven’t been ported to the Android Market yet and it is about time to see them there.



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