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LG droids can get 50GB free cloud storage from too if they’re from the US is getting pretty aggressive – after the recent Sony Ericsson deal, now LG are getting 50GB of free cloud storage too. Owners of Android-running LGs who install Box on their phones between November 30 2011 and March 31 2012 will get the extra storage for free (50GB up from the usual free 5GB).

It’s not a limited time offer either, like the HTC/Dropbox offer. You get to keep your 50 gigs for as long as you have the account. There’s still some fine print though.

First off, you need Android 2.1 and a display with 320×480 resolution or higher. Most phones should easily meet this requirement, so that’s not a big issue.

The other thing is that the press release says the promotion is available in the US and makes no mention of other countries. Also, the desktop app for isn’t available to users who are using the service for free.

But still – 50GB for free is quite a deal and it will take you only a minute to install the app.

Drop us a comment if you manage to get the 50GB outside of the US. Actually, leave a comment even if you’re in the US as we still can’t get the Sony Ericsson deal to work. It turned out that SE simply jumped the gun, but still we’d appreciate confirmation that everything with the LG deal works.

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