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Xperia Z2 miraculously makes it through six weeks of swimming with the fishes

Following an unfortunate incident, Swedish national Alexander Maxén reportedly dropped his Sony Xperia Z2 on the bottom of the ocean. And it wasn’t until six weeks later, that a scuba diving friend of his, finally managed to recover the device.

You can’t beat a happy ending but what makes this one special is that the smartphone lasted that long underwater at at least 10m depth and yet it’s still fully operational. Now, of course, the phone has taken some beating from the fall – you can tell it was a rough ride going down, but reportedly, it boots up and it works like a champ.

The second number in the IP58 certification means it’s expected to go deeper than 1m trouble-free, but 10m is ten times deeper than that so it means ten times the water pressure the phone had to withstand. IPx8 certified smartphones are still rare, don’t try this with your Galaxy S5.

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