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Windows Store boasts 1.7 million daily downloads in October

Microsoft has released the latest Windows Store marketplace statistics, which show the number of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 app downloaded daily has averaged 1.7 million.

This includes both free and paid apps and show a 38.5% increase over June. The result is a total of 51.2 million apps downloaded in October alone – 15 million more than recorded in June.

Paid apps saw a smaller bump – 31% from 1.06 million downloaded June to 1.36 million in October, while free apps rose 39% from 35.9 million to 49.8 million. However, Microsoft hasn’t specified the total number of available apps.It’s unclear how those stats compare to the Apple’s Mac App Store, as the Cupertino based company hasn’t given us any recent stats on its official app repository.



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