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Weekend poll results: The hots and nots of MWC 2014

You’ve had a week to vote for your favorite hardware from the MWC, now it’s time to review the results. The Mobile World Congress saw brought us several new flagships and expanded the wearables category, but there were plenty of other interesting devices too.

Most results from the polls are very clear – those were some good devices, but the companies still have a lot to work on.

Perhaps the most important poll was the Star of the show – here the Sony Xperia Z2 scored a clear victory over its Samsung Galaxy S5 opponent with 77% of your votes.

The next two polls tell us more about that result – most people (85%) thought that the Galaxy S5 just isn’t a big enough upgrade over the Galaxy S4. The Xperia Z2 didn’t take the victory easily either – a large portion of voters (43%) were unhappy with the big bezels.

Sony had a second flagship at the MWC – the Xperia Z2 Tablet. It’s thin, light and beautiful, making it a serious challenger to the iPad Air. While many thought that 1080p was not enough resolution for a 10.1″ screen, the majority still voted positively for the Z2 Tablet.

Moving on to the most controversial product from the Congress, Nokia’s Android-powered phones. Here it was an almost even split (51/49) on whether or not Nokia should go all in on Android or dump it and stay with Windows Phone.

LG revealed its high profile phones before the Congress even started and the LG G Pro 2 phablet was received fairly well, with the majority voting for it in its battle with the Galaxy Note 3. The LG G2 mini rated as better than the Galaxy S4 mini for what that’s worth (Samsung should have an S5 mini in the works by now).

HTC didn’t announce its new flagship, instead it showed off a “flagship mid-range phablet”. For its part, the Desire 816 did very well when we asked if you prefer it over the Galaxy Note 3 Neo from Samsung.

Mozilla and its partners continued to promote Firefox OS devices, but they didn’t ignite much passion – a fairly even split voted them as not up to par with Android’s low-end devices.

Speaking of alternative OSes, Samsung put Tizen on its second generation Gear smartwatches, but it seems that the change in form factor was what made the real difference. The majority (73%) of voters picked the band-like Gear Fit over the Gear 2 / Gear Neo.

Finally, after seeing several impressive devices from relatively unknown makers, we asked if their time has finally come. There’s decent support, but the vote still went in favor of established marques even if that means paying more.


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