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Wave II running Bada OS 2.0.1 gets the Blurry Video Of The Day award

Sure, we have seen the Wave II run Bada OS 2.0, but Samsung made that v.2.0 release history before it was even released. The Koreans decided to revamp the UI before they let the next major Bada release hit the shelves. Enter the 2.0.1. version, which is a more major overhaul than the name suggests.

And if you were worried that changes run deep enough to prevent the Wave II from getting the nod for an update, you can calm down now. For Mr. Blurrycam has just delivered a video, showing the smartphone running the latest Bada release.

There’s no demo of the features brought by the 2.0.1. update yet, but at least we know that it is on the way. Here’s hoping that Samsung doesn’t take too long to release it.



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