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Watch the new Game of Thrones teaser, the third season is inching closer

The highly successful TV series Game of Thrones by HBO is getting ready for its third season on the small (or big) screen of your TV. The new teaser is here and it’s three times longer than the one released back in December.

That said, it’s irritatingly short as it only runs for 45 seconds. Yeah, I hate teasers, I am more of a trailer type of guy. But I digress. The first episode of the new season will be aired on March 31.

I searched around and it turns out the song sung in the background is called The Rains of Castamere. According to the fansite Wiki of Ice and Fire, in the fictitious world of Westeros this song is typically sung as a reminder of the fate that awaits those who cross the Lannisters. Creepy!

I don’t know about you, but March cannot come soon enough for me.


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