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Watch how the new iPad handles concrete floors and machine gun fire

The new iPad is heavier and thicker than its predecessor but do those facts automatically make Apple’s latest iPad tougher than before? To help us find out come two videos where the new iPad’s survival skills are put to the test.

The first video comes from the gadget insurance company SquareTrade and aims to test how the new iPad in an accidental drop, while in the other video, things get a bit more extreme.

New iPad drop test

SquareTrade are famous for their drop tests of smartphones and tablets on YouTube and their latest video puts the iPad 2 and iPad 3 head-to-head. The test is performed from waist and shoulder height with the device’s front and back facing the concrete floor.

Don’t watch this if your are faint-hearted.

Interesting results. The iPad 3 took more damage from the fall than the tablet it comes to replace. Could this be due to the added weight of the tablet? Nobody knows, but it would be best if you didn’t need to find the answer yourself.

Machine gun fire test

Now, this isn’t your industry standard test, but it’s good to know if you could protect yourself from gun fire with the iPad. Anything’s possible these days, right?

Ratedrr, who has a thing for testing if gadgets are bullet-proof or not, comes to answer this question. He tests the HK53 assault riffle on the iPad 3 and, well, the results are just what you expect.

Total destruction. As it turns out, it’s not a terribly great idea to use the iPad as a shield in a shootout. Just run and hide, okay?

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