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Updated Twitter app (v5.1) for iOS and Android opens new search possibilities

Hot on the heels of Facebook’s mobile app update, Twitter updated its native mobile apps for iOS and Android, too. The changes concern mostly search and Discover on the mobile platforms.

Discover is Twitter’s auto-generated stream of tweets, suited to your interests and generally coming from outside your regular network. The latest developments to Discover are now available to the mobile apps with “a completely re-done the back-end and user interface”.

Search has also been updated and now shows photo and video search results first. Search result ranking is still been intelligently tuned to your interests, but now you’ll also know why a certain result has been promoted as the app will show you “context like who favorited or retweeted it”.

Here’s a recap of the most important changes brought along by this new release:

  • See what’s popular within your network on Discover.
    • Tweets now appear right in the stream
    • These Tweets show photo, video, and article previews so you can engage easily
  • Get a new perspective when you search.
    • Photo streams on top show what’s happening
    • Results also show multimedia previews
  • Manage your account with ease.
    • If you’ve forgotten your password, now you can reset it in a few simple steps

Judging from online comments, the new version is working fine on Android. Some people have had issues with Notifications but it turned out just a setting that needed a switch. On iOS however, people have had some bad experiences of frequent crashes. If you’ve already updated to the new version, don’t miss sharing with us if you are happy with it in the comments below.

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