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Updated Dropbox Pro plan ups the storage, improves security

Dropbox has revamped its Pro plan with more storage, improved link sharing and remote wipe. The Dropbox Pro plan remains at $10 a month (or $100 per year) but you get 1TB of storage for that.

Having a Pro account lets you share password-protected links. Sharing links is arguably one of the best features of Dropbox and now you won’t have to worry about the link getting in the wrong hands.

You can get some extra peace of mind by setting up an expiration date for shared links. You can pick 7 days, 30 days or a custom period. You can also adjust the expiration date later if you change your mind.

Another way to share files without giving up too much control over them is by using view-only shared folders. You can enable this for select members so that they always get the latest version of your files but will not be able to change them.

Then there’s the new remote wipe feature. There are plenty of apps that will remote wipe your smartphone, but this works on laptops too. It deletes all Dropbox files on the device itself while the files in the cloud remain as backup so you don’t lose your data.

Note that some of these features were previously available for Dropbox for Business users.



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