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U-Turn: BlackBerry PlayBook won’t get BlackBerry 10 update

Today is certainly not a good day for the BlackBerry fans. Earlier CEO Thorsten Heins reported disappointing earnings results for the last quarter. The company did manage to increase its revenue, but it didn’t meet profit expectations, in fact its operating loss is $84 million. Because of the bad financial report the company’s stock tumbled down over 25% at time of writing.

During the financial results conference call BlackBerry delivered another portion of bad news – there will not be BlackBerry 10 update for the PlayBook slates.

Back when BlackBerry 10 was announced, CEO Thorsten Heins promised that the existing PlayBook tablets will get to enjoy the latest version of the platform. There was no explanation for the change of heart, but we bet this is the first of many steps aiming to reduce the company’s operating costs.



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