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TI announces OMAP 4470 chipset with 1.8GHz dual-core Cortex-A9 CPU, DirectX support

Mobile CPU manufacturers are rushing to show off their upcoming mobile chipsets. The latest is the Texas Instruments boasting the OMAP 4470 System-on-a-chip with dual-core CPU running at up to 1.8GHz.

The powerful PowerVR SGX544 GPU supports DirectX-enabled games – with the upcoming Windows 8 supporting ARM processors that’s quite an important feature.

The TI OMAP 4470 packs four CPU cores – two Cortex-A9 cores clocked at 1.8GHz as primary muscle and running apps and two Cortex-M3 cores running at 266MHz to handle multimedia tasks along with other helpful functions.

There’s an SGX544 GPU core in the chipset too – it runs at 384MHz, up 25% from the 304MHz of the SGX540, but offers 2.5x the performance (or so TI claims).

That’s not all though, there’s a composition engine with a dedicated 2D graphics core for when the full power of the SGX544 is not needed (mobile chipsets need to be kind on the battery after all). The display subsystem of the OMAP 4470 supports screens up to 2048×1536 – now if only some manufacturer would offer a screen with that resolution.

The TI OMAP 4470 is expected to start sampling in the second half of this year, with the first devices using the chipset expected in the first half of 2012.

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